Agzem has been banned for continuing trolling of the board

agzem has been banned for continuing trolling of the board.

Most recent offense in MPSIMS,

Went off-topic and very political in this thread.

In January 2021
Coming into a thread to “debunk” a claim no one has made is trolling.

Hijacking a thread in October 2020. No single post to point to it appears but a large number after a modnote:

Additionally a pattern of trolling right up to the line from reviewing other posts. Including digs and insults of other posters.

Although agzem had been a member for a several years, they have not posted regularly until recently. agzem posted in one thread they started in 2014. Then disappeared until 2018. Their posting increased after the move to Discourse. They have generated 50 flags in 2 years.