Ah, phooey (broken zipper)

I managed to break the zipper of my favorite winter jacket tonight – I sat down in it without unzipping it a bit from the bottom and it pulled out the lower slider part. Grr. I love this jacket (nice and roomy for wearing over sweaters, etc., a great pinky purple color that makes me smile), and now the zipper won’t zip at all.

Ah well, at least it wasn’t expensive – I paid I think $5 for it at a thrift store, several years ago – but I’m really pissed off at myself, since there are still a couple of months left of weather where this would be the most-worn jacket.

Le sigh.

Most dry cleaners can replace the zipper, or they know of someone who can. You might ask around/make a few phone calls to be sure. It’s not expensive at all, either.
I’m going that route with my husband’s Carhartt work jacket. It’s old as hell, and it looks like it’s been through hell, but he really likes that damned jacket, so fixing it is a good option.

Hm, good suggestion.

Esp. since the thrift store where I bought it is now a daycare center. :frowning:

Despite my name, I’m not an expert on zippers. But I agree with noacetone…have the zipper replaced.

I bought a pair of shorts 2 years ago on clearance for like $15. I loved those shorts, they fit so well. The zipper broke and I ended up paying $18 to have fixed. It was more than the cost of the shorts but $33 for a pair of shorts that fit great and last longer than one summer is worth it.

If you have the world’s most awesomest coat and it only cost you $5, think of how much you’d be willing to pay for it new. I bet it’s less than the cost of a new zipper. Do it!

In Philadelphia you are sure to find someplace that will offer that service. Definitely have it fixed since you love the jacket.

My local shoe repair place will fix zippers.

2008 was the year of the broken zipper for me.

The one on my gym bag? Not a big deal, someone got me a new one for my birthday. The one on my winter coat? It also had snaps, and it was getting ratty enough that I replaced it with 2 new coats. The one on my leather jacket? I was not about to throw that bad boy out. I took it to the dry cleaner. I don’t remember what they charged but it was under $10.

Hm, excellent point – even if it cost $20 to get the zipper replaced, at $25 total investment I’d’ve spent about half what this jacket is worth to me. (I did mention I looooooooooove this jacket, right?)

Thanks, everyone!