Ah, Spring. When the Zeppelins Return to London.

No! It’s true, I tell you!

Also…why hasn’t this thread been visited by the Huge Manatee yet?

Well spring is one of the best times to be in London sitting back with a pint outside and keep an eye out for Zeppelin racing. Tally ho and all that.

Of course in California they have autogiro jousting.

If you’ll bear with a zeppelin-related hijack, how was it that [in all likelihood] a spark of static electricity immolated the Hindenberg like a gasoline-soaked Buddhist monk trying his first Marlboro, while the zeppelin featured in Flyboys was peppered liberally with bullets, including IIRC some incendiary rounds, without failing, and was only destroyed when the Troubled But Expert Ace Pilot, mortally wounded in dogfighting by his arch-nemesis, did an acrobatic nosedive right into it?

Were the makers of Flyboys really that clueless, or was their scenario for the zeppelin plausible?

Oh darling, it’s just something to amuse oneself with while waiting for the aspic to gell.

I recall that the adhesive covering the Hindenberg was flammable.

Clueless is always the safe bet on movie makers insight into any particular subject.

and the whole “filled with Hydrogen” piece may have contributed some.

That and forgetting to modify the phase harmonics of their deflector shields, idiots.

Sure, but having the covering burst into flame all by itself sucked, too. :slight_smile:

Yes, same here in Chicago. Spring is when the zeppelin races resume along the lakeshore. Tally ho indeed.

I was going to post that!

I thought that little tramp Nita Olay was there for that.

You really have to wonder, don’t you?

“What shall we use to cover up this enormous bag of explosive gas?”

“I dunno… how about… thermite?”

“Yeah! Let’s do it! What could possibly go wrong with that?”

Well at least they thought enough to chain down the cigar lighters in the smoking lounge.

While we are hijacking;
One of the stewards on the Hindenburg recounts how he kicked his way through the side of the airship and jumped out. Which gives one pause. What if a tipsy passenger fell against the side? Perhaps they were restricted to more secure areas of the vessel.


Germany Proposes to Send Massive Numbers of Tourists to England by Landing Barges and Parachute!

We will put them in matching suits and march them in an orderly fashin to popular tourist attractions like Parliament and Windsor Castle", says German Minister Herman “Binky” Goering.

You know, there is something about that W.E. Johns style of dialogue that just escapes me. Every word of it sounds like it’s English, but the whole thing makes no sense at all. But I hope that Bally Jerry is on his way to recovery: it sounds like what he did might have been quite painful.

I do not say they will not come, Sir.
I say they will not come by sea.

How soon will they start running Zeppelin tours from the Empire State Building, here in the US?
(Yes, the Empire State Building has a docking collar for Zeppelins. No, it was never put to serious use as a passenger transfer station. IIRC it was only only added to steal a march on the Chrysler Building, and never intended to be put to actual regular use. I have no idea what condition it might be in these days. Somehow I have visions of nearly three-quarters of a century accumulation of guano fouling the works.)