Ah, Spring. When the Zeppelins Return to London.

They’re baaaack!


“A mysterious string of sudden deaths among London’s centenarians has the city’s hospitals and nursing homes in an uproar. Otherwise sound elderly people are being found dead of massive cardiac arrest; strangely, these deaths always seem to occur near windows or within sight of the outdoors. Medical personnel are baffled by the phenomenon, which has become known as Picture Window Syndrome…”

Quote: “Zeppelin hopes that the tours will help to erase the negative image of the airship among Britons following its use in the first world war.”

I’m thinking those JU-88’s that came over a few years later, if not erased at least put the airships in perspective.

Incidentally, one of the earliest memories of artist Francis Bacon was window-shaped patches of phosphorous paint being sprayed on vacant lots in his suburb, to lure the zeppelins away from the city to drop their bombs where he lived.

Jolly Good! All we need now are some Sopwith Camels and S.E. 5as with which to buzz the Zeppelins…

Where are my Flying Helmet and Goggles, and where’s Biggles when you need him? :slight_smile:

I’m going on a trip to Friedrichshafen, Germany, in the summer which includes a zeppelin flight over Lake Constance. Hopefully we won’t have Biggles along with us, we’re planning on some serious partying!

Top hole. Bally Jerry pranged his kite right in the how’s your father. Hairy blighter, dicky-birdied, feathered back on his Sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harper’s and caught his can in the Bertie!

Will you be waiting for the return of the Zeppelins as the first sign of spring ?

And if they are flying low, does it mean rain is coming ?

Incidentally, what did the Brits call their own miniature blimps – those big, unmanned, blimp-shaped balloons – that were part of their anti-aircraft defense [er, better make that “defence”]… er, somehow? One was lovingly recreated in the film Hope and Glory.

(And were they effective?)

Barrage balloons.
“Er, I’m afraid I don’t quite follow you, Squadron Leader”

Thanks be they invented the really really long pointy stick in 1917 to fend off zeppelin attacks.

When I was playing Red Baron with a Win 95 machine, it was the .303 incendiary round. :slight_smile:

Is this anything like when the 747s return to Capistrano?

For the record, the etymology of the word Blimp is nothing to do with Type B, limp.

BTW here’s a site that must get a record number of misdirected hits.

“Cabbage crates coming in over the briny?”

Reminds me of a resident of an English city heavily bombed in WWII writing to a paper to complain about a new the police helicopter. Its engines for some reason had that wavering drone that German bombers had and every night it flew over he woke in a panic.

But to the OP, if the Germans want the English to accept their airships, just stop calling them bloody Zeppelins!

150 quid? Sign me up.

(One of my favorite London sites is a obelisk near the Embankment. It has a brass sign on it. “This moment was damaged in a German air raid, the City Counsel has not repaired it so it might serve as a memorial.” It is dated 1920 something.)

I think it’s more like when the Vulture returns to Hinkley, OH.

Something wrong with my banter, chaps?

No, I’m just not understanding banter at all well today. Try typing it slower.

Not at all dear chap, just got into a spot of bother with some Archie over Wipers this morning and before you can say Bob’s your uncle I’ve got a Flying Circus dropping in on me and I nearly got tangled in a Boche Sausage on the other side of the lines!
Funny story, though, I managed to pull an Immelman and let one of the blighters have it with the Vickers, but wouldn’t you know it, the Rhone cut out and before I knew what the devil happened, my kite was upside down in a bocage field and I was getting pulled clear by some of the local villagers.
As luck would have it I was on our side of the lines, and after a jolly good meal at the local pub and a pint of lager to steady my nerves, I got on the blower, gave the CO a jingle, and they sent the tender down to pick me up not half an hour ago.

(Why yes, I did read a lot of Biggles books as a kid, why do you ask?) :smiley:

Well, it’s not a balloon!