Ah, the old 'Elevator Malfunction' trick!

That’s the second time I’ve fallen for it this week!


LG pulls a prank in an elevator.


Either those people were actors, or someone is getting sued.

They sort of looked like actors, especially the women.
I have to admit though the graphic effect was pretty cool.

? … ?

How do you figure?

I was amazed how most of them jumped into the corner, and some who were holding onto the rail let go.

I hope, were I in such a situation, for real, that I’d cling to a handhold.

Clearly actors. This would have provoked profanity in real life.

Word. Also, everyone looks a little too perfectly put together and camera-ready to be anything else.

If I were going to punk people in an elevator to demonstrate the awesomeness of my screens, it’d probably involve dinosaurs.

Here it is, done “old school”.

Some evidence that it’s a hoax - http://screen.yahoo.com/lg-viral-elevator-ad-real-or-fake-30937825.html

You wouldn’t see the scene change angle on a monitor as you move. If you step to the side, it should look the same as when you are standing on top. So, yeah, they’re putting a couple of different angle shots on the monitors for the sake of making the commercial.

Two of the guys look down before the floor even does anything.

There’s some indication that the elevator moves oddly and there’s sound before the tiles fall. If the sound is coming from the monitors, they’d certainly look down toward it.

Yup - that’s the first thing I looked for.

Also, they’d have to set the car to stop a few inches lower, or you’d trip over the screen assembly when entering.

No rational company would do this with unsuspecting people off the street. Pure legal nightmare. Someone could have a heart attack, panic attack, lose bladder control, suffer nightmares or any number of consequences. One of the victims would end up with an elevator phobia, and with a job on the 20th floor would be unable to work. Lawsuit city.

But companies do stupid things all the time.

One possibility, is that they are actors who weren’t told much about what was going to happen. So releases were signed and such ahead of time.

But that would have been waste of time. They’d have gone with straight acting shots instead.

I strongly suspect the interior shots are of a mockup of the elevator. So no one getting “in” would have truly thought they were in an elevator.

I don’t think this is real. But, assume that it is and look at what happened. People see out of the corner of their eye the floor drop away, jump briefly and then, one second later go “oh. Haha. It’s fake.”

So how does this prove the lifelike aspects of their monitor any more than those “watch this room closely until the screaming woman jumps out” webpages proves the existence of ghosts?

The purpose of any viral campaign isn’t to prove anything. It’s to get people talking about the product. And if the existence of this thread is any indication, it worked.