Ahh! I hate my car. What can I do to trade it in faster?

I have a brand new 2004 Hyundai Sonota ( still have my temp tag). It’s my first car, and I bought in on my dad’s recommendation. But I hate it. It’s too big for me, I don’t like the color (white), and it doesn’t get the kind of gas milage I want (23 mpg for the type of driving I do). While I know it’s a good car, and it will serve me well, I just don’t like it. So I’ll keep it while I have to, but how can I keep that time to a minimum?
Other than keep it clean, pay a little more on my payments to lower what I owe on it, keep the miles down, and don’t hit anything, what are the best ways to be able to trade my car in as soon as possible. I realize that if I don’t want to owe a rediculous amount, I need to wait a while before I trade it in. . I also know that they depreciate quickly. But what can I do that I haven’t thought about yet?

With Oldsmobile/GMC/Chevrolet dealers you have 3 days or 300 miles to change your mind and give the car back without paying anything. I’ll assume you’re already past that point or Hyundai doesn’t do that.

You’re pretty much stuck with this car unless you want to take a beating financially. Right now isn’t a good time to trade in a car, you won’t get much and you most likely owe more than it’s worth. As an example, my Oldsmobile had a trade-in value of $17,000 just 15 months ago, now it’s only $9,000.

My recommendation is to keep the car for a couple of years at least. Not bad for a first car. Good gas mileage (my car gets 17, so 23 is good to me), roomy enough, comes with a good warranty, and it’s NEW. I’m surprised you think the car is too big, I’ve rode in them and I thought them kind of small.

Good luck. :slight_smile: