Ahh. Sweet subscription.

Ahhhhhhh. Finally, a subscription to the Dope. I’ve been lurking for ages… and reading the Dope since, literally, I could read. And now, the day has finally come that I can make my own (hopefully valued) contributions to threads.

Just to announce myself, I’m 15. I like PTerry and Sims, although my computer is broken and won’t let me play :mad: . It’s all good… right? My grandma knows Cecil (she went to his wedding… :eek: I’m that close to the Grand Master!) I live in Chicago with the Reader. (jeez I hate announcing myself like this…whatever.) I overuse ellipses. Extra apostrophes make me angry. Angry like… like a very angry thing.
Please don’t eat me.

Welcome, PinkNailFile!

We won’t eat you. :slight_smile:

Watch out for the calamari, er, I mean, the kimchee, though. It’s a bit, um, ‘strong’.

:: rereads OP ::


Family connections to the Perfect Master?
He’s not just a legend?!!

:: steps cautiously ::


If you’re thinking that’ll save you from having to go through the initation, think again.

:: clamps PinkNailFile to the “special chair” ::

No… no! not the CHAIR! OH GOD KEEP ME AWAY FROM THE CHAIR! ::kicks and screams::
Oh. And FYI. Cecil was a cute baby. :smiley: Saw a picture, I did. People tell me his real name is Ed. That’s the part where I stick my fingers in my ears and sing the theme to Sesame Street.

I’m pretty sure the chair is intended to erase information such as this. (Oh, and welcome, by the way!)


Clamped to a chair, eh? Where do I sign up?

Welcome to the group! I’ve managed to completely escape the newbie initiation, even though I’ve partaken in several others’, so, you can too.

: runs away from **Hal ** before he notices me :

grins and hides Anaamika from Hal’s notice by offering beer and wanton wenchful flirtation to him

Welcome to the boards, PinkNailFile! (What a cool username–how did you choose it?) Sit back, relax, think soothing thoughts, deep breaths, nice and calm… and enjoy. :wink:

(…er, guys, where did the calamari go? looks around Guys?)


I’m only gonna say that once, though.

May I offer you some calamari?

I strongly urge you to try the kimchee. The calamari is becoming… restive.

Kimchee is nasty. Bleaurgh. But, in the interests of trying anything once, pass the platter!

::gulps down kimchee:: … Mmm… That was… good… where’s the bathroom? I have to… powder… my… nose… ::runs down the hall holding stomach::

When come back, bring pie.

Hello PinkNailFile. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile: