AIDS Is a Mass Murderer Ad Campaign watch?v=aWoRUCBxRB0

Just read about it on Broadsheet. Wow. It’s the most unintentionally hilarious anti AIDS PSA I’ve ever seen. And it’s a German ad of all things.

That’s bizarrely creepy.

And quite NSFW.

Yeah, that was a nice bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

If there wasn’t text afterwards saying what the clip is all about, would you have guessed what was trying to be conveyed?

And Tony Curtis said kissing Marilyn Monore was like kissing Hitler. I guess he dodged a bullet.

You mean other than “AIDs is a mass murderer” statement and the web address that follows it?

Hmm, not to sound gay or anything, but Hitler has a much nicer ass than I would have guessed.

Bah, they ain’t got nothin’ on the French safe sex PSAs:
Pay special attention to the moment where they ride a giant dick roller coaster that goes through a condom.

I broke the link in the OP for that reason.

Yes. Stand alone I think this clip would go down rather well at some sort of Nazi themed sex orgy.

Oops, sorry about that.

It’s pretty twisted, though. I thought it was odd that it was in German. Aren’t the Germans pretty sensitive about portrayals of things like that?

The video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

Ditto. :frowning:

Here it is again.


It’s gone again! :mad:

How can you bastards toy with me so much? I want Hitler’s arse, and I want it NOW.

Try searching youtube for AIDS Is a Mass Murderer. It seems to go down but get added pretty often.

Is that just a massive real-life Godwinizing of the anti-AIDS campaign?

“You know who also had sex without a condom…?”

Here’s the official website ([noparse][/noparse], NSFW), btw, with additional Saddam and Stalin goodness!

Oh yeah baby, Reich there!

But more seriously, I’m not surprised it’s been heavily criticised for stigmatising people with HIV. It’s not promoting a positive message about how to participate safely, or the responsibility of both partners in doing so. It’s using a hackneyed cliché, beloved by internet message boards and town hall meetings, that’s lost it’s power to communicate through overuse, or simply being nonsense.

Permanent link (NSFW)

Well, you know, two of Hitler’s sexual partners DID commit suicide.