AIM Name Change

In my continuing effort to wean myself away from AOL …

For anyone who has me either on their AOL or AIM Buddy List, be aware that my name has changed there. Please change it to Eutychus2001. The ‘Eutychus55’ name is still valid, but eventually I’ll be shutting down AOL altogether and probably won’t be accepting IM’s through there too much now. My new e-mail address is Try it and just see if you don’t get some sort of reply. :wink:

Also, let me know if I’m on your list, and I’ll make sure you get onto my new one.

Except for a few of you.

You know who you are. :wink:

Thanks for the notification, dear! I lost my address book when my hard drive died, so it needs to be updated anyway!

A bump for those who didn’t see yet.