Ain't nothing better

…than being able to sit in the barn while the hoofkin are having dinner, a barn cat curled nearby and purring, and reading the Dope thanks to a damn fine WiFi connection.

Ah, this is the life…

That does sound pleasant. But so is reading the Dope while eating a dinner of salsa chicken and wild rice, with a parrot on my shoulder and the husband nearby.

Ah ! The barn house ! :wink:

Ooo! What kind of parrot do you have? I have a Quaker, aka Sami, aka The Evil Green Chicken.

Catching a nice buzz, listening to Steely Dan through good earbuds that block out the rest of the world, and munching on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Sunshine (sitting on my husband) is a lovebird, aka, The Evil Yellow Chicken. :smiley:
Do I know you from LiveJournal? Because Sami sounds familiar.

… than sitting on the patio at my favorite Mexican food place, sipping a margarita, munching some chips and cerviche, listening to the music, and surfing the free wifi with my iPhone.

Yup, I be Bella Cheval over there.

How does your shirt look?

(fellow parrot owner)

minor7flat5, I’m waiting for this shirtto be delivered. :smiley: