Ain't science wonderful?

Sometimes I regret not having gone into research, advancing knowledge for the pure joy of it.
And sometimes not.

This paper turned up in a PubMed literature search under a completely unrelated topic. I think I need to refine my search terms.

Bastards stole my data!

I’ll show you my paycheck, and you’ll change your mind.

To clarify, I’m in science and if it weren’t for the advancement of knowledge, I’d be at a loss for exactly what I’m getting out of this.

Of course, I don’t do much research in the cutting edge field of monoclonals and slugs.

I feel his pain

Although I do admit that your link’s research is exceedingly boring and seemingly useless; in order to restore your faith in research, I present to you mad science.

That’s classic! I’ve had a such a fair share of f’d up experiments that I’m tempted to write a whole journal’s worth of papers in this style; it’d be therapeutic!
And regarding the OP: anti-slug monoclonals??? Is there not a creature left on Earth that doesn’t have a mAb created against it?