Ain't that the way it always works?

I had to laugh. Yesterday morning I finished a model of Robby the Robot, the Moebius kit. I knew it had some inaccuracies, but finding good pics of Robby is a bit tough; so I did the best I could at fixing things and painting it correctly.

Not six hours later, I was watching an episode of Wonder Woman (my wife, the Best Wife in the World, got it for me for my birthday) and that very episode, set at a sci-fi convention, had extensive footage of Robby, who was the MC of the costume contest.

And of course, I found that one thing, which I’d devoted considerable time to fixing, I’d fixed wrong; the area wasn’t shown well in any photos, so I had just made my best guess. And there were a couple other things that I could’ve fixed, had I but known. :smack:

Still, what’s done is done, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to dive into it again! :smiley:

Just in case you’re curious, a couple pics of Robby:

An overall pic

A close-up

A slightly different angle

That’s really cute!

Is that a model of your wife that he’s holding?

When did Robbie join the Shriners?

On a related note: The real reason Don and Judy (from “Lost in Space”) Couldn’t have a relationship.

Mrs R is a great gal, but that’s not her. :wink:

This guydoes not share that idea. Read the sections where he discovers that the portholes are not quite where they’re supposed to be.