Air Canada is the worst carrier ever

Sorry for that shot at Canada. Sometimes when I try to create comedy that includes Canada, I think to myself, “What would make Cobie Smulders laugh?”

But then I realize that that would be me tripping on the sidewalk.

I’ve never understood how any airline can get away with this at your connecting location. Ummm, the only reason I’m in this airport is because that’s how you, airline, decided to route me. I didn’t want to be in {hub city} but now you strand me here, in the middle of my trip, & all of a sudden accommodations are on me???

That’s the official motto of the FAA

Especially when the pilot told us the delay was due to a mechanical issue, but the customer “service” people lied their ass off, and claimed it was due to “weather” (which they don’t have to compensate for). Clear blue skys, summer, perfect conditions. Liars.

I didn’t bother opening a claim later, because what I really wanted was for these three people to be tied to a fire ant nest.

Yeah, Delta is fine. I thought it typically scores high on customer satisfaction surveys, at least lately. Here’s the last years survey with them #1:

I’m currently awaiting a Delta flight myself, and I’ve been very happy with them. They even offer Biscoff cookies!

Weather doesn’t have to be where you are. Thunderstorms either en route or at the airport that the plane is inbound from could throw the schedule into disarray with no compensation due.

There were no weather problems on the continent that day. No delays with other carriers. Pilot told us it was a mechanical problem causing delay.
They were just lying to me.

The new passenger rights legislation means they can’t get away with this as much anymore. The government had to step in to protect consumers. As usual.

Agreed. There’s always a marathon hike to get wherever I want to go. From disembarking to luggage has always felt like a mile of walking whenever I’ve landed there.

Gatwick is pretty bad like that as well, TBH. Every time I’ve flown Transat, I seem to have one of those endless hikes to get to the departure gate. And it’s often in a weird loading zone that has not nearly enough benches and one super pricey Sprite machine and nothing else to consume.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity as Hanlon said!

Well, Air Canada got me to Vegas today, with only a small delay leaving Montreal.

And, did you WANT to go to Vegas?

He went to the Air Canada Boarding Pass kiosk… pulled the handle… and then…

< Ka-chunk! >

< Ka-chunk! >

< Ka-chunk! >

< Ding…! > < Ding…! > < Ding…! > “You’re Going to Vegas…!”


My own personal hatred is for United - every truly bad experience I’ve had has been on United (with the exception of one flight on American, back in 2002, where they flat out lied to us when we had our stopover in Philadelphia).

I avoid flying for numerous reasons. Cramped seats. The extra 3 hours it adds to the trip, what with getting to the airport, going through security, getting off afterward, and arranging transport at the other end. If you are going less than 300 miles, driving is faster! Less than 500, and it’s iffy.

Last time I flew was in 2019; that actually was not bad, because it was at something like 6 AM out of BWI, to Florida; the flight was half-empty because nobody in their right mind flies TOWARD an approaching hurricane (I was going there to fetch the in-laws, who wanted to evacuate from that hurricane but had no damn business renting a car and driving).

We have been on one long trip this year already (750 miles each way), and have two others (500 miles each way, and 900 miles each way), and we are managing to do all by car. To be fair, the longest two have been by dint of jiggering our schedule, going the weekend before, and teleworking… but it’ll save us money and hassle.

It’s funny that this thread popped up for me today. We’re in Edmonton, and my wife is on her way to see her mother in Chicago. She was supposed to leave last night at midnight.

Then that flight got canceled. Her new flight was at 6am this morning, and instead of going through Toronto it went through Vancouver.

Well, that flight got to Vancouver, and due to delays she missed her connection by 10 minutes. She had to wait another three hours for a replacement flight. This new flight goes from Vancouver to Houston, so now she’s in Houston, waiting for a connection to Chicago. If all goes well, she’ll get into Chicago… sometime tonight. She’s currently going through customs for the second time.

So far today she’s gone from Edmonton, to Vancouver, to Houston, and might eventually get to Chicago.

She was only getting five days to visit her mother, and now one of those days is entirely consumed by travel, and she’s furious.

I’d vote British Airways as pretty bad. Me and a friend flew from the US to Milan last year, and BA a) lost our bags on the outbound leg to Milan, b) on the way back was 3 hours late leaving Milan, lost our bags, and we had to stay overnight at Heathrow sans luggage to get home. Never again.

Oh, even if it takes a couple of hours longer, I’d choose driving over flying. Or, if arrival time is (totally) flexible, the train.

They’ve made air travel so depressing, between overcrowded lines, intrusive security and cramped seats, that I’ll choose anything else first… heck, my last trip was by bus (I was in my seat within three minutes of arriving at the station, and I had my own row on the upper deck).


eta: It’s the age-old story of an industry acting like a monopoly (“It’s not like people will stop flying…” Oh, yes, they will!).


We went to the other coast, a couple years ago. We took the train. Nearly missed our connection on the way back, due to the train arriving in Chicago nearly 3 hours late, but other than that, an utterly stress-free travel experience. Pity the routes are so limited. We just drove home from Chicago a week ago; I’m going there again in a couple months, and taking the train. Flying would be a lot faster, enough so that I likely would consider it (especially travelling solo that trip), but I wanted the excuse to take the train.

Train travel (if you have no sleeper car) is usually cheaper than flying. Even with a sleeper, a second person does not double the cost. Driving lets you take as many people as you can fit, for almost no extra cost. It does permit one’s tendency to overpack, however.