Air-con failure, caused by other elec devices??

Yesterday, returning from a holiday 600km away, 190km into the journey my air conditioner decided to go on holiday too. Alas, the ambient temp during the day ranged from 36-39c (aka, fucking HOT).

In retrospect, I had removed my cell phone from the charger (in my cigarette lighter thingie) when the air con cacked it…but left the charger in the slot, unattached to any device.

And for the next 250km, my son and I suffered the ravages of near heat-exhaustion, until we stopped for more lemonade in a small town, and I REMOVED the charger from the slot. Whereupon the air-con started working again! :confused:

What say the smart folk of the Dope? Was it just coincidental that my air con stopped when it did and restarted when it did, or did my cig-lighter slot thingie short the aircon out (when not connected to a device)?

It sounds coincidental since I can’t see any way it could cause it to happen. Have you been able to plug the charger back in to see if it knocks out the AC again?

When it stopped working did the fan stop blowing air or did it just blow hot air?

It would blow cold air for 30 seconds, then warm air for the next five minutes or so. The cold air seemed arbitrary at first, but was more likely when the car was at higher revs, or idling at traffic lights when we hit a town.

Nah, I haven’t driven the car today to test out the air-con. Still recovering from yesterday :smiley:

Sounds to me like it just needs recharging. Same thing happened to me (without coincidental plugging in of devices) and a £50 recharge solved it.

I assume that when you stopped for lemonade, you also shut off the vehicle. I think that this is much more likely to have caused the AC to start working again than the tiny amount of electricity used by the phone charger.

I agree with Bob++ that your AC system might need recharging. You could buy a Freon recharging kit and do it yourself; however, if you want it done right, have a professional do it.

Maybe your air conditioner simply became clogged with ice.

Is that even a possibility with automotive A/C?
If there was ice, it would have melted pretty quickly in that heat when you stop the car.

yes, if the refrigerant is low.

it seems counter-intuitive, but when the refrigerant gets low the pressure/temperature on the low side can drop too low and condensation will freeze on the evaporator.