Air Conditioning in January

It’s a sunny winter day in Houston, Texas, and I’m feelin’ the heat. Ok, it’s not even 80 F, but it’s still hot enough to turn on the A/C.

Who else is running hot? Where are you? Sound off!

It’s only 61 here. Not too hot, but I have the fan on in the window and a nice breeze blowing through the apartment. I feel like I should go out and have a bbq or a picnic or something.

Yeah, dammit- so far, this winter’s been a bust. I mean, come on- I’m running my AC, wearing shorts… heck, if it gets any warmer, I might just go swimming.

I love cold weather. I love snow. What the hell am I doing in Austin?

In Cincinnati, it’s been snowing hard since about ten this morning. Everything is getting buried under a sheet of snow. It’s cold, and windy, and it isn’t safe to drive.

So all those people with their air conditioners on are issued an open invitation to bite me. Grrrr.

I’m in Houston, also. I just drove home with the sunroof open. It’s a near perfect 72º where I am.

But indoors, now, yes, I’ve got the A/C going.

It’s in the twenties and snowing today in Virginia. Wow, there’s almost an inch of accumulation! ::entire city flies into blind panic::

Just north of San Antonio, it’s clear, pretty, and around 75 degrees.

We’ve resisted using the AC all winter. Then again, we don’t live in Houston’s permanent humidity field…

I didn’t turn the AC on, but I had all the windows wide open enjoying the 75 degree breeze. It’s supposed to be warm again tomorrow, but rainy, so the windows will probably stay closed. Then it gets cool again. Ah well…

I like my Winters cold, dagnabbit! And here I am in the OKC with OVER 60 DEGREES!!! Gah!

It’s gonna snow tonight or early early tomorrow, though, so all is right in my world.

Yes, I like having actual seasons. I look forward to each and every one.

When I lived in Houston (for several years), I always made it a point to celebrate Febuary the 8th, each and every year, by going to the beach* on the Bolivar peninsula. Usually at or near the mid 70s but the beach water temp was too cold to let us swim. One year it was kind of nasty, 40s and rainy, but we still went.

*started my senior year of high school. Woke up that Feb 8th, felt how beautiful it was outside, called some friends, and we all skipped school. Kept doing it with the same friends til I moved away.

We’ve actually had to have the heat on the last few days, but I switched it back to AC this afternoon because the husband and I were hot ‘n’ heavy into a housecleaning project.

I didn’t realise it was going to snow until I was in Harris Teeter and it was mobbed for some reason. I get outside and it’s snowing. There’ll only be an inch or two, but people still feel the need to rush to the grocery store. Why??

It’s a scientific fact that one can’t survive a snowstorm without milk, bread, and toilet paper in quantities not usually required. I’m thinking these people must build a toilet paper igloo, insulate it with bread, and pour the milk over it to freeze it together solidly.