air cooled VWs

any dopers out there a supporter of these fine automobiles? if not id like to know what you have agianst them (some people just hate em for some reason) i myself have a 64 beetle, and id like a bus, whos with me?

I am. All engines are ultimately air cooled however water cooled engines apparently run at a significantly cooler cylinder head temperature. I like the air cooled engines because you get rid of all that messy radiator and piping. However, air cooled engines do get significant cooling from the oil and they do have oil coolers with the attendent radiator and pipes. No such thing as a free lunch and all that.

In any case, I like air cooled engines and would like to see more of them on cars.

I have a kit car which is basically a 1960 beetle with it’s body removed and a fiberglass body replacement added so that it looks like a 1929 mercedes.

Here’s pics:

I love it. It’s a great little car, and it’s so freaking simple that even an idiot back yard mechanic like me can figure it out.

Of course, the car has no heat, no air conditioning, no power steering, no power brakes, and it doesn’t have the world’s friendliest 4 speed transmission either, which is basically all of the things that people complain about in normal unmodified beetles. I understand where they are coming from, but I love my car anyway. Plus, unlike in the original beetle, I’ve got the gas tank right behind my head (and next to the nice hot engine!), and instead of having a metal body around me, all I have is fragile fiberglass. I’m living dangerously, baby! I actually did feel a bit nervous the one time I took it on the highway.

Unfortunately, it’s kind of in pieces in my garage right now, but I can’t wait to get it back on the road.

Ya know - 2 measly weeks ago [and if you lived in the CT/RI/Mass area] I would have happily given you a mid 70s westphalia camping van, as a project toy. I just had it hauled away because I got tired of its hulking presence in teh corner of my pasture. I had been trying to give it away for over a year.

Anybody want a 71 Beetle [not a super beetle.] Engine is dead, and it now has some rust issues around the edges , but less than 100000 original miles on it. Free to a good home.

This is just the thing to use as coolant in an air-cooled VW.