air filter systems

what’s the best home air filter system out there for the money?

I was sold on the air filter available through the Sharper Image.

You may have seen the infomercial. I didn’t buy one but if I did that is the one I would buy. On the extremely convincing infomercial they, in high-pitched robot voices, explained that you would actually save money if you bought their product. It would be unnecessary to buy replacement filter pieces required by all the other air filters on the market. You simply take a wet sponge and VOILA! “And you can see the dirt ;)” No expensive parts or waste.
So I am sold, honest to goodness. Watch the infomercial sometime. I think it really is a good product. Plus, I think they have a 60-day return policy. Can’t lose. :slight_smile:

I recomend getting a on-line subscription to Consumer Reports (24 bucks I think). I reference it all the time. Certainly worth the cash.