"Airborne Formula" Effervescent Health Formula

Anyone use this stuff? I had never heard of it until I started hearing massive testimonials from friends and family, then saw a CNN profile on the creator. It’s an Alka-Seltzer-ish tablet that you dissolve in water, drink, and it’s basically a cure for the common cold.

Anyone have luck with it? I bought a tube tonight, but I’m skeptical.

I’m a believer in this stuff.

My daughter and I made a 5-hour flight to Charlottesville, VA (and back). I have always gotten some sort of congestive chest infection after plane flights. We took it religiously every 3 hours on both flights, from the moment we set foot in the airport, until we got home. Neither of us were sick a day after either of those flights.

My husband, his brother, his brother’s son, and my husband’s parents flew to London, Edinburgh, and Belfast (and back again). They took Airborne. My MIL says she has always gotten sick after plane flights. Of the group, only my BIL got a sinus infection after he returned…and that might not have been related, since he often gets them.

I have given my kids this stuff (single dose) before going to crowded childrens’ play areas, you know the ones where 3 days later the kids all come down with a cold? And they’ve not gotten sick. It’s really quite remarkable.

It works, but IMHO, it tastes horrible. They have (thank God) come out with Lozenges instead of the fizzy tablets.

I tried it during a trip, and it seemed to work pretty well. At the very least, the cold symptoms never developed into anything more serious.

And it actually tasted better than I thought it would.

I don’t mind the regular flavor but the lemon lime is horrific.

I swear by this stuff; a friend of mine told me about it and now I make sure to take it whenever something might be coming on, or if I’m going into a train, theatre, classroom, etc. When I ran out of it, I made a frantic dash to the drugstore to grab the last few boxes off the shelf. Apparently, Airborne-Believers are growing in number.

Freejooky, the trick is to take it as prevention: whenever you think you’re coming down with something, or if you’re headed into a crowded environment.

A friend of mine swears by this stuff. I always thought it was in a pill format.

I guess if it is like an alka-selzer, you could dissolve it in some juice, couldn’t you?

I would like to heartily recommend a nasal spray that my 1 bit memory drive just crapped out on me on its name. But isn’t so much a sinus/congestion spray, but it has anti-bacterial properties in it so the germs don’t make it past your nose. It’s about $16 at Rite Aids. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. But it has kept my two kids from getting sick this first semester ( and me too.)