Airline tranquilizing?

I’ve heard the rumor before that on long flights, airlines generally turn the heat up to keep people sedate and preferably asleep. I recently went to Germany, and I did notice that during about half of the trip, the compartment seemed to be substantially warmer than room-temp. Anyone else heard of this or know if there is any truth to it?

Controlling airline passengers is undoubtedly a very exact science when you consider the volume of air travel. Rest assured that the air temperature is carefully set to achieve specific goals. Since there seems to always seems be a large percentage of the population that feels cold when it isn’t really cold it is logical that the desired customer pleasing temperature would be on the warm side.
As for the tranquilizing effect, I can’t say, but anything that subdues the passengers is very desirable. They have a stock of plastic zip-lock handcuffs on the plane.
Buy one of those little plastic thermometer key chains and hang it on your carry-on. You’ll probably find it doesn’t get that hot.