Airliners: GE, or Rolls-Royce?

Western airliners mostly seem to be powered by turbofans manufactured by either General Electric, or Rolls-Royce. Which brand powers the most aircraft?

According to this GE, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney: Who Rules the Engine Market?

“GE remains the undisputed leader of the aircraft engine market. Based on power, orders, and range of available engines, the US-based conglomerate rules the market. GE, with its joint ventures, holds around 55% of the engine market, well ahead of its competitors, according to Statista.”

I’d say GE powers the most commercial jet aircraft.

We have a local GE engine factory but the closest airline factory is a Boeing shop in Charleston SC about 300 miles away. They make 787s there The engine factory has been here for a long time so I guess GE is happy with the location.

I just came in here to make sure no one’s forgotten Pratt & Whitney.

DOH! Where’s the :smackhead: smiley? I completely forgot P&W. :frowning:

Which I did.

As to GE, a great deal of the narrow body Airbus, and all post-200 series Boeing 737s are powered by engines from CFM international, itself a joint venture between GE and SNECMA of France, though I believe SNECMA is now SAFRAN.

And the narrow body Airbusses that aren’t CFM are powered by IAE engines (50% owned by P&W) or P&W engines. The IAE engines are recognisable by the lack of visible engine core when viewed from the side. They look a little like a turbojet.

Yeah, IAE “Aero” engines have their fan bypass duct extend all the way past the core so that the core and fan air merge in one. It’s kind of a Rolls Royce hallmark. Seen “naked”, the IAE engine looks like a dead-ringer for a mini RB211 series engine, especially their fan blades and rotor set-up.

Pratt & Whitney seems to have followed a trajectory not unlike General Motors. In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, they were pretty much the undisputed leader in aircraft engines. And then they proceeded to rest on their laurels while their competitors passed them by,