Airplane crashes, aviation safety. 2002 Nall Report

There are often aviation-related threads on these boards, and many of them ask about aviation safety. Here is a link to the 2002 Nall Report, which is in .pdf format.

Survivability varies depending on the type of accident. Some accidents are more likely to be fatal than others. While 10 out of 12 accidents where drugs or alcohol were a factor were fatal, neither of the two propeller-strike accidents in 2001 were fatal. (Four of the seven in 1998 were fatal.) Only seven of the 114 “fuel mismanagement” accidents were fatal.


Actually, I guess I shouldn’t have said “overall” since maneuvering flight only accounted for 7.7% of all accidents. It will take some research and number-crunching to find out the percentage of fatal accidents to non-fatal accidents.