Airport security screening and allowable items

Help me out here: Between the differing rules at differing airports, and even disagreement among posted placards, is there an official FTA listing of allowable and disallowed items for airport security screeners?

I’ve had items such as lighters and laser pointers that are posted to be allowable at some airports confiscated at other airports and in both cases the screeners claim to be operating under a uniform set of FTA rules. Of course that can’t be the case. I’ve literally had a laser pointer seen, identified, and put back with a, “that item is OK” taken away at the same security point in the same airport later that week.

Just to be clear: I view security is a good thing… it is inconsistent rules and training that frustrate me. What is the straight scoop? I’m really looking for a link to an official listing, I’m afraid I’ve seen and heard all the 2nd party material.

I know the website has a list, but they seem to be down right now.

I belive the answer you are seeking can be found [url=""here[/rul]. Or at least somewhere in this site! I found stuff on increasing the safety of the pilots in the planes, etc., but so far nothing on an exact list.

Perhaps someone with a bit more time, now that the general site has been pointed out, can figure out where the heck they hid it? (Watch, someone will find it in two mintues of going to the site.)

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Gahh. And there goes the coding. :stuck_out_tongue: And UncleBill: I think the site has a link to the one: at least there was a link that I tried following but it didn’t come up. (And the ‘news media’ link on the faa site, which may have a list is broken also.)

Items Prohibited in Aircraft Cabins
Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. In addition to items specifically listed here, other items that may be deemed to present a potential threat may also be prohibited.
Automatic weapons
Baseball bats
BB guns
Billy clubs
Blasting caps
Bows and arrows
Box cutters
Brass knuckles
Bull whips
Cattle prods
Compressed air guns
Cricket bats
Crow bars
Disabling chemicals or gases
Fire extinguishers
Flare pistols
Golf clubs
Gun lighters
Hand grenades
Hockey sticks
Hunting knives
Ice axe/Ice pick
Knives (any length)
Large, heavy tools (such as wrenches, pliers, etc.)
Martial arts devices
Meat cleavers
Metal scissors with pointed tips
Numchucks (nunchaku)
Pellet guns
Pen knives
Pepper spray
Plastic explosives
Pool cues
Portable power drills
Portable power saws
Razor blades (not in a cartridge)
Religious knives
Replica weapons
Road flares
SCUBA knives
Shot guns
Ski poles
Spear guns
Starter pistols
Straight razors
Stun guns/shocking devices
Tear gas
Throwing stars
Toy transformer robots (this toy forms a toy gun)
Toy weapons

Passengers should be aware that there are no provisions for returning banned items to them when they are left at the security checkpoint. In addition, those who attempt to bring banned items through the checkpoints are subject to civil penalties of up to $1,100 per violation in addition to criminal penalties.
The items most commonly left at the checkpoints include: scissors (of all types), pocketknives, corkscrews, and mace. Please be sure to leave these items at home or in your check-in luggage.

Items Permitted in Aircraft Cabins
Pets (if permitted by airline, check with airline for procedures)
Walking canes and umbrellas(once inspected to ensure prohibited items are not concealed)
Braille note taker, slate and stylus, and augmentation devices
Nail clippers with nail files attached
Nail files
Safety razors (including disposable razors)
Eyelash curlers
Diabetes-related supplies/equipment (syringes, insulin, insulin-pump, blood glucose meter, etc. Medication and professionally printed label identifying medication or manufacturer’s name). Please make sure insulin (vials or outer box of individual doses), jet injectors, pens, infusers, and preloaded syringes are marked properly (professionally printed label identifying the medication or manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label).

Supposedly that’s from the faa, but I found the list here