Akai MPC2000 & External Zip Drives

My friend has purchased an Akai MPC 2000 midi sampler.
He tracked down an iomega zip 100 plus drive with a serial cable to save his sounds to.
(Needed serial cable as the 2000 model doesn’t take usb like most zips come with now.)
He purchased a zip disk, hooked up the zip drive to the sampler and inserted the disk, only to have it shoot right back out.
The Akai then tells him “scsi not ready”
Disk just would not stay in.

I’m thinking the Akai either needs the zip driver somehow loaded on it, or possibly the zip disk needs to be formatted.

Any input?


Could it be as simple as he’s trying to use a 750 zip disk in a 100 drive? No worky.
Iomega no longer supports the 100+ drives. We have two in the original boxes. They are door stops.

You mentioned the Zip drive has a serial port. Are you sure that’s correct? To my knowledge, external Zip drives come in parallel, SCSI, a parallel/SCSI combo, and USB.

He’s not too computer literate so that could be the case.
He’s supposed to be bringing the whole shebang over for me to fool around with.
Actually my husband just said the zip drive doesn’t have a much needed terminator so it’s just not going to work regardless.
Thanks anyways.

Oh, and just to answer your question it’s a parallel/SCSI combo.

You can have the one in the drawer here, but its for a Mac. Its SCSI too, we even have the SCSI card we installed with it. We had so much trouble with the dang thing, then when it finally worked, the computer died.
We just bought new computers.