AL Central playoff tonight

I can’t find if and where it’s being televised. Any national coverage? Is it on the Extra Innings package? Thanks.

I don’t know about today’s game but yesterday’s unscheduled Sox/Tigers game was on ESPN2 even though the channel guide said it was supposed to be a WNBA playoff game.

Game is showing at 7:30 Eastern, 6:30 Central on TBS. Might be different in the Chicago and Minneapolis areas.

Funny, I was flipping back and forth between the WNBA game on ESPN2 and the White Sox game on WGN (Chicago superstation). Of course, the fact you’re in Minneapolis doubtless played into this discrepancy.

According to this article, tonight’s Central Division “sudden-death” clash is scheduled to be televised on TBS (as well as MLB TV) starting at about 7:30 EDT. However, I could have sworn that ESPN2 claimed last night that it would be showing the game. Regardless, let’s just hope there’s no three-hour rain delay tonight…


Doesn’t show on any channel yet on my DVR. TBS has rights to at least all of the ALDS.