Al Franken and the Lizard People

Back when the Minnesota Senate race was still disputed, there were a number of contested ballots which were in the public eye. One, which had a good fifteen minutes of fame, had “Lizard People” written in for every race on the ballot, but a filled circle next to Al Franken’s name for Senate. A voter even came forward claiming to be behind that ballot, and said it was intended as a joke.

But it’s only just now occurred to me: Franken is, after all, a professional comedian. Has he made any sort of statement, joke, or routine based on the Lizard People ballot? There’s definitely some humor potential in that, and who could be in a better position to take advantage of it than Franken himself?

He said something to the effect that he doesn’t make jokes in public that are political because they are to easily misunderstood.

I also understood that he called SNL and gave comedy ideas to the writers for some of the political skits during the election season, but didn’t want his name attached to the skits.

I can only assume he’s keeping the funny stuff all to himslef these days.

Let me just be the first to say this:


The Lizard people only vote for David Icke.

Yeah, I realized that as soon as I typed the title in.

As far as I have noticed, he hasn’t touched it yet. That’s probably a good thing so far. He was beaten up pretty hard by both the Democrats and Republicans for past comedy-related pieces. I can’t see him wanting to address any humor of the situation until it has all blown over. He has made it pretty clear that he intends to take the job seriously if he is elected senator, but I sure hope he writes about it all when his political career runs its course.

(Hmm… “Al Franken and the Lizard People.” Rather than a band name, it would be a good title for a book.)