Al Franken is back on the Sundance Channel.

The Al Franken Show is back on the Sundance channel. This was the first week it’s been on since the presidential election. For all of you who don’t get Air America radio, or are fans of Al Franken, you can catch the show M-F at 11:30 pm (it’s repeated at 2 am and 7 am). It’s a very funny show and a good way to stay politically informed.

Has anyone seen the show, or have opinions about it?

Nobody has seen or listened to his show?

Well, it IS on Sundance after all…

Thank you for the info. I shall set my VCR. Unfortunately, we don’t get Air America in my area.

I often watched it during the campaign, but I haven’t caught it since they were reinstated. BobLibDem, if you have broadband, you can listen to the radio version online.
You can use Real Player or Windows Media Player. The radio version runs three hours, from 11:00am to 2:00pm eastern time. (I could be an hour off; we Hoosiers never know what time it is.) Air America Radio claims to send streaming audio online to more listeners than anybody else.