Al Gore on "The Daily Show" 6/28/06

I think Gore kicked ass! :slight_smile:

What do you think?

I wish he would consider running for office. But he clearly stated that he isn’t going to. :frowning:

I like how Jon stifled what he was saying about where the money was going and he didn’t press the issue to make sure we knew. Gore was very cool, and I like the way he and Jon were just two guys shootin the shit.

I was thinking, “Why couldn’t he have spoken like this a bunch o years back?” He finally managed to pull that broom handle out of…

Bob Dole always makes me think the same thing. Bob Dole post-election is funny, smart, and likeable. When he ran for President, he was dry and just plain old.

And what can we learn about our system from this?

It sucks the life out of whoever runs for high offices because they have to be likable to everyone?

Sad…we don’t even vote on ideas (well, a large glob of the voting mass doesn’t). We vote based on tiny issues and likability.

I’d vote for Charles Manson if he could get us out of Iraq, fix the deficit, and stop Big Business from running unchecked.

Oh yeah. And he can’t be killing anyone in office, either. That’s a minor quibble, though.

Reminds me of an SNL skit from 1996. Dole (Norm MacDonald) announces he’s resigning as Senate Majority Leader to devote full time to his presidential campaign. A network news interviewer (representing . . . Tom Brokaw? I forget) says, “Well, Senator, you certainly seem to be in an ebullient mood! How do you feel about President Clinton’s recent announcement?”

DOLE: What announcement?

[clip of Clinton announcing he’s divorcing his wife to devote full time to his re-election campaign]

DOLE: Well, I want to announce that, to remove all sexual considerations from my campaign, next week I’m having surgery to become a kind of . . . half-man, half-woman kind of thing

BROKAW: So, instead of running as Bob Dole, Majory Leader of the Senate, you’re going to be running as Bob Dole, She-Male?

DOLE: All right, that’s kind of silly. How about this: Bob Dole, Being of Pure Energy!

BROKAW: And . . . Where will that energy be kept?

DOLE: The Bob Dole Energy Being will be kept . . . in a crystal . . . and when Congress decides to really tackle balancing the budget, the Bob Dole Energy Being will be ready to come forth! Like Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars!

BROKAW: I must admit, Senator, I like the she-male idea better.

DOLE: Aw, who am I kiddin’? I don’t have a Chinaman’s chance of winning this election!

BROKAW: Now, Senator . . .

DOLE: Hey, there’s an idea! Bob Dole, Chinaman! Hard-working, good in math!

I miss Norm MacDonald on that show.


Wonder what he’s sniffing around with these days? You can bet that if he were a dog…he’d always find another dog’s ass whenever he sniffs around.

I’m from Tennessee. Gore didn’t have a reputation for being stiff until he became Vice President. Then he sort of lived up to the label that got pinned on him. He had absolutely no trouble getting elected to Congress and the Senate in Tennessee countless times. He was so cool.

I saw his movie on Thursday. Interesting stuff.

To my recollection, his exact words were “I have no plans to run.”

That’s a hedge, IMO.


Well, if Hilary has an unfortunate accident…