Al Gore's concession speech - who bought it?

I watched Al give it up last night and you know what? I didn’t buy a single word of it. He looked and sounded like the kid who has to apologize in front of his class for being mean to someone. I’m sure Dubya can’t wait to call Al when he needs some advice. Oh well. Any bets as to how long Dubya can go after Jan. 20 before he says or does something stupid?

Sidenote: I didn’t vote for either. I think Al is delusional and Dubya is kinda like the weird relative you hide in the basement when company comes over.

Al meant it every bit as much as every other presidential candidate means it when they give a concession speech.

And as far as Dubya goes, what makes you think he won’t say something stupid on the 20th? I’m sure he’ll have no problems with the oath of office, but there will be the inaugural address afterwards.

I think it was Adlai Stevenson who said, “It hurts to much to laugh and I’m too old to cry.” Sums it up. He said what had to be said, and did it graciously.

Of course Dubya isn’t going to be calling for help. But the offer had to be made publically, if nothing else to underline the fact that the gesture was made.


I was just happy to see someone had convinced Gore to wash off all that pancake makeup.

It is easy to be cynical when considering political speeches but that would be an unworthy and childish with respect to the concession speech he gave.

Despite the byzantine course of the final embattled contest and Gore’s inner feelings of dissapointment or rage at having lost, there is something to be said for form and grace in finally conceding. I did not vote for Gore but the speech was a masterpiece and will be enshrined in history as one of the great political speechs of all time.

It made me proud to be an American.

Sorry, astroboy, I don’t see it. I voted for Gore, and was completely unimpressed with the speech. All the commentators kept raving about it, but other than “That which unites us must be stronger than that which divides us,” it was substanceless.

I think if I read a written copy, I might think differently. But Gore’s style either didn’t do it justice, or emphasized his inability to convey emotion. The closest he got was at the end, when you could see him chomping on his molars.

Maybe I’m too much of a cynic, but I cannot believe that anybody on Earth is still looking for value and truth in the speech of a politician.

Did you expect him to cry like Hubert Humphrey?


Oops, sorry. Its just astro, not astroboy. Don’t know who I was thinking of. No offense intended.

I voted for Bush but I thought Gore’s speech was quite good. Why is it that we can never ever believe that a person can be sicere just becaues he’s politician?

Gore didn’t say, “I am the loser and lost and I hate everyone.” But he did say that he strongly disagreed with the Supreme Court instead of dodging the issue entirely. I thought he did pretty good, considering he believes in his mind that he won the election. That would drive me crazy; he’s probably more mature than I am.
Bush’s speech was boring, but he’s not as good in front of the camera as Gore-never has been. This is why people portray him as dumb; he’s really just awkward.

I thought Gore’s speech was wonderful. ANd I liked the fact that he mentioned that he disagreed with the Supreme Court, but he was willing to accept their judgment. It was honest, but at the same time, he wasn’t being a brat about it.

For what it’s worth, I heard this quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

I didn’t see the speech, but I did read the transcript.

Gore might very well have made that speech with an eye towards a future political run. That, in itself, doesn’t invalidate either his sincerity or the effectiveness of said speech.

Look, the guy was put in an unpleasant and probably humiliating position. Regardless of whether you feel he won the election or not, try to put yourself in his position. Do any of you out there think that Gore in his heart, DOESN’T think he won? How would YOU feel about losing the way he did, believing, in his heart, that the election was rightfully his (whether or not it actually was)? I’d have whined like a son of a bitch! Reading the transcript of the speech, I couldn’t help but be impressed with his class and dignity.

It’s a valid criticism to point out that I didn’t see his speech, and to claim that how he comported himself visually was less impressive than the text of his speech. Fair enough–I leave that to those who saw it. But I suspect I’m not the only one who read the transcript of his speech, but didn’t see it. And I, for one, was impressed. It takes a lot more class to concede with grace and dignity than to win with same.

Personally, I favored Bush (not strongly). But I’ll say this, Gore’s speech made me believe that he has the character of a fine president as well. To handle adversity and disappointment like he did, speaks volumes for his character. So much for being “wooden”.

I’m afraid that to me, it just means he has a really good speechwriter on staff.

Although I admit it that though he was pretty wooden about it, he carried it off with as much dignity and sincerity as you could possibly expect given the circumstances. And I do give him credit for standing up for what he believes in when he stated that he “strongly disagreed” with the decision.

Yeah, it was actually cut from the final Gettysburg Address draft (“too Andrew Jackson-y”) :smiley:

Personally, I thought AG did just fine under the circumstances (you know most people, myself certainly included, would have had a hard time masking the bitterness of that nationally-televised pill). I think it would be equally disingenuous to think he was 100% insincere as to think he meant every word to the last ounce of his being. Good for him (though I think “Gore in '04” would still be a mistake).

There was nothing to “buy” from Gore’s speech. How can a concession speech not be sincere, unless the person really wasn’t conceeding?

It have been more sincere if he had said, “I hate all you SOBs who conspired to steal the presidency from me. I’m going to party now, kiss my ass.” But he’s a grown-up and it would have served no purpose.

Actually, I believe Gore wrote it himself. If I’m not mistaken, he writes all of his own speeches. Gore is a pretty hands-on, do-it-yourself kind of guy.

I’m with DRY-people whine about him being “insincere”, and then whine when he says, “I won, I should be president.” Which is it?

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Whether Gore wrote it or not, I think it’s a safe assumption that he would have put enough of his personal take into the speech so that it would fit with his actual beliefs (for example, his admitting that he disagreed with the supreme court decision).

I believe that how someone deals with adversity and loss says a LOT more that person deals with prosperity and triumph. The man had to do something that NONE of us would find easy to do. He deserves praise for carrying it off so well.

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