al-jazeera sucks

Ah well, my “hi there” thread was killed because of the URL I posted and I had felt I had given enough warning and hoops for Dopers to jump through that they wouldn’t go there by accident.

The URL I posted, which can be found by reading ****** at -1 threshold had images taken by Al-Jazeera of American soldiers in custody and executed American soldiers.

Al-Jazeera is a respectable news organization supposedly with high journalistic standards like CNN and the Washington Post.
I’ve never seen this kind of shit on any Western news media except in documentaries.

Is this better???

See … the deal is, when I say we’re not going to do this, WE’RE NOT GOING TO DO IT. This does NOT give you the okay to find a workaround, goddammit!

One more time and I’ll recommed that you be shown the door, got it?