Al Qaeda-style train attacks in Mumbai

Seven simultaneous bombs at rush hour, dozens dead. Crap.

Would AQ have any motive for striking India? I’m guessing this probably has more to do with India’s homegrown problems than problems from abroad. Still, it’s horrifying to have another event strike innocent people and again combined with mass transit.

Have the Tamil Tigers done something like this before?

I really doubt it’s the Tigers - they’re attacking Sri Lanka, not India. There has been Sikh terrorism for a while, but not on this scale lately.

“Simultaneous public transport bombs” is an AQ meme though. I’d put money on it being a Kashmir issue; and who knows how much penetration AQ has into the Pakistani Kashmir side. Quite a lot, I’d imagine.

Well, India has been historicaly opposed to Pakistan, and there have been terrorist attacks in relation to the dispute over Kashmir in the recent past. On top of that in a country with a Hindu majority, a Muslim minority, and a history of strife between the two groups I would not be suprised if they could find a reason.

With no more information on the attacks I would not out right say that this is the result of radical muslims, but if they wanted to they certainly could come up with a “justification”.

It’s now up to 135, and will certainly climb higher. CNN has all kinds of video of the aftermath.

Maybe terrorists in general are developing more sophisticated notions.

Dammit. :frowning: :mad:

Hoping that all the InDopers (Xash etc) are OK

I’d suspect ISI before AQ.

Yes, thank you for asking. gouda and my family and friends are ok, but it could very easily have been one of us. I used to travel that route daily, and know many people who still do. My mom travels that way often, although thankfully she was out of town at the time of the blasts. A close friend of mine got off one of the targetted trains just 2 stops before her train was hit. Another ex-colleague of mine lost his life in one of the blasts.

I believe the attack is related to the dispute over Kashmir. Investigations are not yet conclusive.

The last time we experienced attacks of this magnitude was back in 1993. That March, I was less than a mile away from one of the buildings that were targetted. That building, incidentally, is the head office of the company for which I currently work.

The city of Bombay has an amazingly resilient spirit, which shines through especially in times of crises. The night of the attacks, people were out in the streets offering food, water and shelter to those stranded on their way home. Train services resumed that very night, and ran through the night to get people home.

A day after the attacks, the trains were running again at full capacity. Schools, colleges, offices reported regular attendance.

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