al Qat'aeda? (or "Kitty Commando from Hell"?)

Check it out on the Beeb:

I’m thinking John Ashcroft oughtta get right on this.

Hey! You got your pussy in my cockpit!

Well, that’s business class for you. :smiley:

i laughed so hard when i read this.

wasn’t there a gq thread where using a cat as a weapon on a plane was pondered?? i remember all of a sudden in this thread there was a post about a vomiting cat.

cats are a viable weapon on a plane!

I had pretty much the same reaction :D.

Who knows what the actual scene was like, but I can’t shake the vision of this Ninja assassin cat running amok in the cockpit, pouncing on the poor unsuspecting pilots and illiciting screams of terror.

“Ahhhhhh! Intruder in the cockpit! Intruder in the cockpit!”
“Aaaaaaaahg! We’re being attacked! Emergency landing requested!”
“Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh!”

And people always tell me that there’s no such thing as bad pussy.

So … was this a Persian kitten? :dubious:

‘Pray for mercy from…Puss…In Cockpit!!’

[Airport Security] Sir/Madam, are you carrying any explosives, firearms, sharp objects, or cats? [/Airport Security]

Actually, I could see our little black one doing something like this when she’s in weasel mode.

Does anyone know why the plane was turned around? What about the cat was so scary that the flight had to be aborted?

They were afraid he’d shred the cockpit controls. After shredding its occupants.

I had a small black cat once who could have taken out an entire fuselage when the mood struck her.

It seems odd that a cat was aboard- in the cabin- in the first place.

I was surprised as well, but apparently it’s allowed. Any animal under 5kg, properly contained, is permissible in the cabin. I’m telling you, it’s only a matter of time before this practice is either A) banned, or B) leads to the first airline hijacking by a killer Ninja terrorist attack cat.