Al-Quaeda Forces retake Fallujah

This is exactly what I (and many others, I’m sure) was afraid of.

Well, at least your guys are out of there.

Why did we go to war in Iraq again?

I seem to recall a speech about WMD, and the need to disarm Saddam Hussein.

Your title is rather misleading. “Al-Qaeda linked”, not “Al-Qaeda”.

The group seems to be primarily interested in increased independence of Sunni areas from the Shiite dominated central gov’t. Is that what you were afraid of?

To help keep China British.

Which gives me the same feeling I get when it is reported that someone has been attacked by a “Pit Bull type” dog.

IIRC Some of the heaviest fighting was in Fallujah. A lot of guys came back with life long disabilities. I’m not sure what our casualties were. Fighting in Fallujah was house to house. One street at a time.

Wasn’t that the shit hole that hung some American contractors from a bridge?

I’m just glad we’re out of there. There was nothing we could have done to change anything.

It sounds like they are on the path towards civil war.

At this point, I think it’s fairly safe to say that any militia operating in an Arab/Muslim country, with an anti-government agenda, is “linked” to al-Qaeda in some tangential manner.

It was also the place where we famously refused to let any males in their early teens or over leave before the assault, then when we attacked declared every male there an “insurgent” and killed them because if they were innocent they would have left. Plus we used snipers to kill people trying to help the wounded.

American contractors in this case meaning Blackwater mercenary scum; murderers.

And, we were invaders and conquerors. It was both the right and the patriotic duty of the Iraqis to kill any of the invaders they could. Whining because our victims fight back is disgusting.

We went into Iraq to get rid of Saddam and assist in rebuilding the country. All those years of sanctions left the infrastructure in bad shape. A new government was supposed to get formed to lead. There was never any plans to stay more than a few years and we were only going to be in a supporting role.

That plan quickly got derailed thanks to US mismanagement in the early days. I don’t want to look it up now, but there was a group of expatriate Iraqis that were going to return home and start the new free government. That fell apart within a month or two. It was a stupid plan from the start.

Once the fighting started there was no way the rebuilding plan could be implemented.

The US made a lot of mistakes. A lot of good soldiers died and were maimed because of it. It’s a legacy we’ll have to bare for a long time.

I’m not sure what will happen if they fall into civil war. Iran may move troops in there. I hope we can stay out of it.

No; we went there to gain control over the oil and to begin the neocon’s wider plans for the region. Saddam was largely irrelevant; we would have still attacked if he’d died or fled the country.

We bombed and wrecked plenty of that infrastructure in the invasion, and wrecked more during the occupation. And we intended to stay there permanently, not just for a few years.

There was no “rebuilding plan”; the Bush Administration intended for the magic free market to take care of everything, and specifically forbade the occupation government from rebuilding.

It’s a legacy that the Iraqis will have to bear, not us. And far more of them died than did our soldiers. We are the aggressors, not the victims.

I haven’t studied this issue other than following news articles throughout the conflict. The war is over now and its up to the the Iraqis to find a solution to their Sunni/Shiite problems.

Whats happening in Iraq now is a spill over from Syria. The Sunnis and Shiites are fighting there too.

You’re amusingly consistent.

This is what I meant by “what I was afraid of.” We failed to include the religious leaders and negotiate a lasting peace. We also left them in the same condition re the majority of the breadwinners in the country having no options or skills except for soldiering.

A lot of mistakes were made in those critical months after Saddam fell. Paul Bremer the civil administer we appointed is responsible for some of the stupider ones. Stupid crap like abolishing the Bath party and firing all the appointees. Those people included the local fire chief and fireman, police chief and police, the mayor. Hell even the people that picked up the garbage were probably given the job through Bath party connections. You couldn’t get a job at any government level without Bath Party connections. Naturally the entire country fell in chaos. Then we also fired all the Iraqi officers and soldiers. Even the low level guys that commanded some groups of men.

The lack of a effective police force or Iraqi military gave rise to the militias. I don’t blame them. Somebody has to protect the local neighborhoods. Plus all the military pensions that ended and military guys out of work. Where did they go? The new militias were thrilled to get their years of training and service.

I hope this is being studied at the Military academies and other colleges. It’s the biggest clusterfuck in recent history. There was such a crucial slice of time when we had a chance at replacing Saddam and getting a new government in place. Guys like Bremer and other State Dept officials blew it.

Yeah, it’s Ba’ath stinking edit time out won’t let me change it.

Unfortunately he’s also 100% correct. History will look back on this invasion as a crime against humanity.

That’s not all he said. His batting average is about .200.