Al Queda sleeper cell in Denver

Aaaah, ok. I guess if I actually had the feet in a mile memorized I would have caught on. I was trying to associate 5280 with some kind of terrorist thing or something.

Did you get enough answers? :smiley:

The latest CNN story, while sketchy in parts, suggests that Zazi was under surveillance, but that the traffic stop was unrelated.

From ABC News.

I think I’d like to be in a sleeper cell, it might help my insomnia.

More virgins?

They’d apparently tried to rent a U-Haul, but were rebuffed due to credit card issues.

… If they were up to anything, that’s kind of a suggestion that it was real darn close.

I’m picturing a new Free Credit Report dot com commercial!

I guess we are lucky that terrorists are too dumb to use cash, eh?

Ivan, the guy before last who blew up the World Trade went back to U-Haul and demanded a refund on his truck since it got blown up in the bombing.

Actually, in New York, using cash might get more attention than using a card.

Zazi, his father, and a New York man have been arrested for giving false statements. Sounds like a holding charge to me.

Hmm, lessee here…

GWB Admin: Numerous “terror alerts”, with no specified details, resulting in lots of fearmongering and longer waits at the airport, no actual plots uncovered, no people arrested. At the same time, there are successful, coordinated terrorist attacks in NYC, London, and Madrid. Not a single attack was thwarted (random shoe bombers aside) and at least one CIA operative was “outed” for purely political purposes.

Obama Admin: Major plot uncovered, with arrests made, plenty of evidence made public, no terror alert issued, no fearmongering.

I think it’s obvious which party actually cares about our safety. Oh, and the economy’s doing better, too. :smiley:

I keep reading articles about this trying to get to the meat of the matter, but there doesn’t seem to be any meat there.

It is interesting what “making false statements” can get you if you are exactly the wrong kind of person. Because making false statements is a huge industry in the US.

I imagine that in most places these days, using cash to rent a car, buy a plane ticket etc. is going to get you noticed/checked out by the powers that be MUCH more closely than a credit card transaction would.

Well, we can hold you for 72 hours for nothing. If there’s good reason to believe that these guys were about to pull off 9/11 2: The Revenge, then I’m not too concerned with slapping an ambiguous charge on them to hold them a few extra days while the situation is sorted out. If they’re innocent, they will (hopefully, though I realize not necessarily, unfortunately) be fully exonerated.

Well, it did take down that notorious criminal Martha Stewart.

Which is it, an incredible view or can’t see anything?

You can see the mountains better than the game.

“It’s incredible–I’m up this high, and I still can’t see anything!”

You wanna create terror in Denver? Pave I-70 properly.