Al Queda sleeper cell in Denver

This is neither mundane or pointless, but I couldn’t decide where this should go.

Long story short - Hundreds of FBI agents are combing the Denver area, as well as NYC, in the sincere belief that they have uncovered a real live cell with intentions to create an imminent terror attack in New York, possibly on the subway system using peroxide based bombs concealed in backpacks.

The details on this are sketchy because of the secrecy involved, but a Denver man, Najibullah Zazi, has been questioned for the last three days by the FBI. Reportedly the FBI has been monitoring four other men as well. Reports late today indicate that Mr. Zazi has admitted to travelling to Pakistan for terrorist training fron AQ, and is looking to cut a deal with the Feds.

Mr. Zazi rented a car in Denver and drove straight through to New York City, arriving on September 10th. He reportedly was stopped in a routine traffic stop, which uncovered something that caused the Feds to raid three apartments in Queens.

Unconfirmed reports are that bomb making plans and equipment were found, as well as nine backpacks. The FBI were investigating at a Lowe’s hardware store in Denver yesterday.

The NY Daily News uncovered the story and has the best info from the NY side, while the Denver Post is on top of it from Colorado.

Bottom line, the FBI is taking this extremely seriously. They really think they have uncovered a real sleeper cell with plans for a terrorist attack.

It should hit the national news this weekend.

This is all Obama’s fault!

And now Zazi admitted to having Al Qaeda ties.

Perhaps we do have some good intelligence re these assholes. I hope so. Or an officer that really smelled something fishy.

I guess now is the time to proclaim that we have a new 21st Century record for an administration beginning its term without a major terrorist attack on the nation. Kudos to you, President Obama!

And an alleged Al Qaeda member admitting his ties without one day of waterboarding. Bonus!

You made post number 5,280 in a thread about Denver.

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One of the Denver Post stories reported that Zazi’s car was pulled over in NYC, which led to the car being towed and the apartments in Queens being searched.

Or at the very least the administration has the discipline and mechanisms in place to keep secrets secret. Unlike the previous 3 dudes. Either way…

Like I’m going to believe what the government says.

Joe Isuzu for President: “Isn’t it time for an honest liar in the White House?”


Police have a track record of getting people to admit to crimes they didn’t commit. Furthermore all they got him to admit to is that he had AQ ties. That could easily be that they asked “Do you know so and so” and he says yes and so and so is a terrorist. Then they tell the media he has terrorist “ties”

Please do not say crap like this.

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Yes, at the 18th step of the Capitol Building, located in one of the highest points of the city. Interestingly, there are three markers.

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