Alabama mega church could get it's own police force

Briarwood Presbyterian, a mega church in Alabama may get it’s own police force.

I’ll bet nobody dips in the offering plate. :eek:

Watch out, the Deacons are packing heat. :smiley:

I guess they’ll install metal detectors at the doors next.

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I can see the concern that a crowd of this size could be a soft target by some disturbed person.

But I don’t see a need for a full police force. Three or four security guards in plain clothes could easily cover the front doors during services. A security camera could show who’s approaching the doors.

Security could cover the doors to the church school weekdays.

We had a thread about this last month.

Crap. I should have done a more through look before starting this thread. My apologies. Feel free to ignore it. :frowning: