Alan Shepard 'home movie'?

After Alan Shepard lost his flight status and began to ‘take it out’ on the other astronauts, the astronauts put together a film called How To Succeed In Business Without Really Flying (much) to take him down a peg. Sort of a roast. Bits of the film can be seen in Moon Shot and From The Earth To The Moon.

Looking for factual answer: Has this film ever been made available in its entirety on DVD or video?

Googling doesn’t bring up much of anything. You could check with NASA’s historian to see if he knows. There’s also a foundation setup by the Mercury astronauts you could check with, and John Glenn has a museum, so someone there might be able to help you (assuming Shepard doesn’t have his own museum).

I’ve seen that question asked on some of the science newsgroups (usenet) several times in the last ten years, and nobody has ever offered a source. I’ve always taken that to mean it’s never been released to the public.

NASA does have archives and staff historians to assist people conducting research on the manned spaceflight programs. Their websites have contact info for people who ought to be able to help you find the film if it exists.