Alas, I fear I'm screwed (medical, mundane)

I’ve been tired and cranky, and I find myself wanting to snap at my students.

I drank a hundred ounces of water today, but I still felt thirsty, and my skin was cool and clammy even though my classroom was hot.

I spent my entire planning period going back and forth to the bathroom in the teachers’ lounge, and skipped out of several classes to pee.

I just couldn’t stay to grade papers, because I could barely focus, and instead I just came home and collapsed.

Supper didn’t have much effect on me, though I did feel rather better after I’d eaten a chocolate bar.

My father, two aunts, and both grandmothers are diabetic.

Damn it, I’m hosed, aren’t I? Guess I’d better call the damned doctor tomorrow. Get a damned test done. I’m going to be intensely annoyed if I’ve got the damned diabetes. I’ve been exercising and eating vegetables and all that crap, damn it.

What are the chances that, if I ignore this, it’ll just go away?

Is it okay to say ‘damn’ in MPSIMS? It’s how I feel, deep in my pancreas. Feel free to move this to the damned Pit if necessary.

I’m really sorry to hear about your pancreas, if that’s what it is. I don’t know too much about diabetes, but this sounds like it came on very suddenly. Is that typical? Maybe it’s just stress, or a cold coming on, or something.

Even if it’s not, looking on the bright side, if you do have diabetes, you can treat it and feel better. You’ll have a tough row to hoe, but still, that gives you more control over your health problems than many people have. I do realize that diabetes is not a fun diagnosis, but think of all the poor folks with diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc. which are hard to diagnose and treat because they are so poorly understood.

Take care of yourself, okay?

Get tested. If it’s nothing, you will feel relieved. If it is diabetes, it will not go away by being ignored and you better get it under control now, while it is still early enough to do some good. It just is not worth the risk of not knowing.

You need the test; you don’t need the heart disease, blindness and kidney failure than can result fom diabetes. Need more motivation? I got stories to tell…

Diabetes can be managed well these days, but it will take effort on your part. Please, take care of yourself, and get your blood sugar checked as soon as possible.


Get the test as soon as you can; either you will get a nice jump start on treatment or you will be relieved. Good luck.