Alaska governor quits re-election race

He’s an independent and he endorses the Dem.

maybe Palin gave him this idea

Nah, Palin only quits when ethics investigations get started.

Palin quits when people make fun of her.

Bravo for him. Splitting the liberal vote would have given the republican a better chance. Same thing happened with Sanders, but no one new the country was stupid enough to seriously consider trump for president.

Given that his running mate has resigned the office of Lt. Gov. for some as yet undisclosed “inappropriate” comment or comments to a female, this was a no-brainer. He was not going to win.

Walker has done good things for Alaska, and shame on Begich for deciding to enter the race and split the vote, then stubbornly refusing to get out of the way. I know Mark Begich and he’s a sincere and decent person, and he did well as the mayor of Anchorage and on the city assembly. But he is loathed by Republicans and others for no really good reason other than people see him as an opportunist who jumped into Ted Steven’s slot. Also, some decades ago, when Begich was on the city assembly, he pushed for photo radar. This enraged people for some reason, and they still bring it up whenever he runs for office. In short, Begich is shopped, and will probably lose just because he is Mark Begich.

How did Sanders “split the vote”? He ran in a primary. He didn’t mount a third-party campaign after he lost.

I’m confused. If you mean Marcus Sanders, he’s running for the house, not governor. Begich decided to run against Walker and Dunleavy, which meant that Dunleavy wins in a walk. There was an effort to get Begich to withdraw and throw support to Walker, which he refused to do. Neither Walker nor Begich likely had (or have) a chance of winning on their own, but this late withdrawal by Walker creates confusion as his name will still be on the ballot.

It’s a shame that Walker shot himself in the foot by cutting back on the annual PFD checks that all Alaskans get. He did it in order to help balance the budget, but in Alaska politics, that annual welfare check to everybody is the third rail. Until that move, he had about the highest favorability rating in the country, then steadily plunged to nearly dead last.

Looks like the original Sanders reference was to Bernie, not Marcus.

I see. I was confused by the lack of reference and the fact that it followed my post.

Who’s Marcus Sanders? When someone refers to “Sanders” in a current political discussion without a first name, I assume they mean Bernie.