Alaska off the beaten path places?

Probably going to AK in early September. I’ve been to Denali and Kenai fjords and probably will go back to them again. Looking for places that are not well known.

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve is the least visited US National Park. Go for it!

Aniakchak National Monument is amazing and really remote. Less than 100 people make it there per year.

How many make it back out? :wink:

Seriously …

IANA Alaska expert, but after taking a typical loveboat cruise a few years ago I became interested in taking one of the itinerant ferries that run up/down the coast to all the small towns full of real Alaskans. Scenery is cool, but the people are what’s really wild.

See Alaska Marine Highway System for more.

Might go to Wrangell St Elias NP which is not that crowded

We might do the ferries but not sure if we have enough time for that.

Alaska has beaten paths?


Denali NP is certainly a beaten path.

Would like to take the train but it’s not cheap. Rental car gives a lot more options .

The Pribilof islands are unique and less visited. The Russian heritage is very evident.