Alaska Trip

Work is sending me up to Alaska for a couple of weeks (First two weeks of September). I’ll be in Anchorage, Faribanks, Kodiak, and Ketchikan. Most of the time will be in Anchorage and travelling with a couple of days in the other spots.

What do I absolutely have to see? Or what shouldn’t I miss - I don’t want to return and have to hear that I should have seen this or done that.

The birdhouse burned down a few years ago.

And yes two weeks is definitely not long enough, but what can I do.

sniff (sheds tear)

If Mr Whitekeys is open, you should definitely catch it:
[li]It’s certified “turtle free” by the Municipality of Anchorage [/li][li]Buy a bottle of champagne, get any Spam™ entree for 50% off [/li][li]Buy a bottle of Dom Perignon and get any Spam entree free![/li][/ul]
(At least these conditions were in effect several years ago).

I imagine Chefguy or someone else natively inclined will be by to give you a more serious answer.

I happen to live in Ketchikan.Here (local website) is a link you may find interesting. Off hand I cant think of anything given your timeframe.Feel free to email me if you have further queries.