Albatross's at Golf Majors

…or double eagle as apparently they are know in the US.

Following Louis Oosthuizen’s albatross at the Masters, I’m wondering how common this is in the majors. Wiki indicates there has only ever been one other. Anyone know different?

Your own link lists more than one other:

All of those tournaments are majors. I confess that Sarazen’s was the only one that came to mind when I first read your post.

I watched the follow-up discussion after this years’ Masters was over, and the talking heads claimed that this was the fourth double-Eagle to occur a Masters tournament. It was the first one on that particular hole, however.

This Wall Street Journal article claims that there have been sixteen double-eagles at major tournaments, and it uses this cite to back up that claim.

The ironic thing about Sarazen’s (and the name subsequently given to it) is that the gallery following him (and Walter Hagen) was very meager-something like only 6 people or so.

Well, there is a point of view that the early Masters tournaments should not be counted as majors. At that time, the Western Open and the US and British amateur championships were bigger deals. The Masters only started to matter some years later.

The Masters started to matter when Sarazen hit that double eagle. It put the tournament on the map.