Albertan researcher shares Nobel Prize

A shout out to Michael Houghton, a researcher at the University of Calgary who discovered the hepatitis C virus. His work, along with other luminaries like Lorne Tyrrell have helped to make the world’s blood supply safer. Nice!

University of Alberta.

And he refused an earlier, Canadian prize as he wasn’t able to share it with co-researchers who he credited with doing as important work as he did.

And in other Nobel news, Jennifer Doudna, the scientist from Berkeley who got the Chemistry Nobel today for her work developing CRISPR along with French microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier seems most excited that she now has a reserved parking spot on the UC Berkeley campus.

If you’ve ever tried to park anywhere near there, you’ll understand why that’s the most coveted prize the school awards.

Thanks for the correction. Our paper just listed “Albertan university”. They also took pains to credit the university as a pro-Canadian gesture given Dr. Houghton is apparently British.