Albums that weren't what you expected

How often do you get a perception of an album from its hit tracks or reputation, listen to the rest of the album, and found it sounded totally different? Here’s two to start you off:
Surrealistic Pillow , Jefferson Airplane: after hearing “White Rabbit” and “Somebody to Love”, I thought it was going to be a trippy, in your face album based on Grace Slick’s voice. Well Grace doesn’t even sing most of the leads, and it’s mellow verging on romantic. Hell, “Today” and “Embryonic Journey” verge on makeout music!
Ready To Die , Notorious BIG: “Big Papa” and “One More Chance” made me think this was going to be a party album. Instead, it’s a concept album based on his drug dealing past that ends in a suicide attempt. It’s far more violent and explict than I thought. Weirdest of all, the album version of “One More Chance” has different lyrics and backing music than the single!

Miles Davis. Bitches Brew.

I thought it would be good. Not endless mindless noodling.

My wife and I had some friends that played in the local clubs. The band had a definite Memphis style soul sound. I was very disappointed when I bought the CD by Great White based on thier version of Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Sounds exactly like Pat Metheny’s New Chautauqua. That was my harsh introduction to the Jazz tradition of the “sucker tune”, the one poppy song put on an album of mindless noodling to sucker non-jazzbos into forking over cold, hard cash. Never again.