Albums with Orange Covers.

Megadeth’s Greatest Hits: Back to the Start is largely orange.

Guster’s “Keep It Together” and OK Go’s “Oh No” are both orange.

Did your friend mean the cover or the CD itself? I know that **Incubus - Make Yourself ** is a completely orange CD, but the cover is not.

Roy Harper, Jugula is very orange. It is also one of the cherished few on my desert island list. :slight_smile:

And Massive Attack, Mezzanine does not have an orange cover, but the cd itself is completely flourescent orange with no text or printing. Does that count?

And the cover of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s “Orange” is, of course, not.

As far as I can tell, the only albums with mostly orange covers I own are Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastophe Waitress and Old 97’s - Too Far To Care .

Bush’s Sixteen Stone has something of an orange tint to it.

For the most part, we were talking about the covers. I honestly do not know what more than half of my actual CDs look like.

Thanks everyone for that… you should see what my start page at Amazon looks like now!

I will be sure to give due credit when she is presented with the list.

Oh! I got another one!

The soundtrack album to the (massive underrated) movie Out of Sight is very, very orange. The CD itself is almost entirely orange as well.

La 5ª Estación, Flores de Alquiler and El Mundo Se Equivoca.

The Broadway Cast Recording of The Color Purple.

The Powerpuff Girls Heroes & Villains. Really better than you probably would think.

Lisa Loeb, Firecracker.