Albums you own that you suddenly realize kind of suck.

Last night I was doing dishes and wanted to listen to some music, so I put Holly Cole’s Dark Dear Heart on the CD player. I hadn’t heard it in a year or two and I was kind of in the mood for something cool and mellow.

I bobbed my head along to her cover of “I’ve Just Seen a Face” – excellent reinterpretation of the Beatles. Then I realized, twenty minutes later, that I’d pretty much tuned out everything after that song. Why? Because it was not, in fact, cool and mellow. It was boring.

The other song I like on the album is “World Seems to Come and Go,” but other than those two songs, the album leaves me cold. I think my copy is destined for a used CD store.

What albums have you rediscovered, only to realize you don’t like anymore?

Most of them. I get tired of all songs eventually.

P J Harvey and Radiohead.

Everybody rants and raves about how great they are, and by god I’ve given them both more than a fair shake to impress me, but dammit! They just plain suck!

Many. Very few endure and deliver at the same level after their moment in the sun.

  • Jeez, most of my hard rock stuff from when I was a kid. Have you listened to Ted Nugent’s albums after Free For All? Omigod, what crap. Don’t even get me started on Kiss.

I suppose what you are really commenting on are albums that are deemed “Good” by you or critics, but later turn up lame. Sure, I have a few, but mostly its just a case of my playing them out and then really not needing to hear them for a long long time…

One of the first albums I ever bought was Journey’s Frontiers. Every song on the first side was a hit. I only played the flip side once, and determined that it pretty much sucked.

So I suppose that one half-way counts.

Hm. . . well, I actually bought Don Henley’s last solo album. Nuff said there, methinks.
Am a fair Tom Waits fan but The Black Rider has become all but unlistenable to me.

My tastes tend to move cyclically, so an album that’s severly out of favor with me at the moment is something I’m likely to be rummaging for in another 6 months, a year. I’ve actually screwed myself in the past by buying a CD, enjoying it for a while, getting tired of it, saying eh- prolly won’t listen to this again, selling it, and winding up buying it again many moons later when a hankering for it returns. Now that’s the definition of a moron.

The new what’s-her-face. Norah Jones. Bass is the same in every song.

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Contrasting example #1: I listened to the Beatles’ albums a bazillion times in high school, and if I put any of those on these days I don’t really hear it unless I make myself, just because they’re so familiar. But I still enjoy the music. I still think they’re great albums.

Contrasting example #2: I recently listened to Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes again for the first time in at least a year. And I don’t like it nearly as much as I did when I bough it 10 years ago or whenever it first came out. Some of the songs I once liked now mean nothing to me. But the album still has juice, and some of the songs are still amazing (like “Tear in Your Hand,” which I think has gotten better).

I liked Dark Dear Heart once. It was never a favorite album, but I remember enjoying it. But last night I just thought it was tiresome. If I’d been hearing it for the first time I wouldn’t remember a thing about it. That’s what I’m talking about – an album you once liked that now you don’t care for at all.

I’ve done this a few times myself. This is why I never sell or give away my CDs anymore. Besides, it’s kind of cool to have an ever-growing collection.

Back in college (i.e., early 90s), one of my friends and I were fans of Galaxie 500, if anyone remembers them. LOVED their music, especially the album This Is Our Music. So I went about ten years or so without hearing them, and one day they popped into my mind for some reason, so I went and bought the CD, and…

Well, my tastes have changed pretty dramatically in the last ten years. It’s not unlistenable, butit’s close. I think I’ve listened to it maybe twice.

I thought of this thread today. I decided to listen to an album I hadn’t put on in a while, so I took out Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Fairytales. And, well, I found it rather boring. I got it some time last summer and I liked it a lot more then. Ah well.

Hydrophonic, by the Soup Dragons.

To be honest, I might have bought it only because the record was transparent. But what a mediocre album.

John Fogerty’s Centerfield. I listened to this album constantly in high school (when it originally came out). I bought the CD a few months back, and was eager to relive some high school memories. And every song bites on that album.

Loved BOSTON’s first album. Oddly, with each (progressively worse) successive album I liked the first effort less and less. They are at 5 now I think (I never got around to buying anything after 3rd Stage) and I’m totally through with them.

Back to the topic, I’d volunteer the following titles:

Out of Time by R.E.M.
The Hard Corps by The Hard Corps (WTF was I thinking??)
Fear of a Black Planet and especially Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black (well, that one I pretty much hated out of the box for adding BLEEPS to “Get the F*** Out of Dodge”) by Public Enemy

Second the Norah Jones. I got it as a gift. Played the thing once, said to myself “Well, somebody fancies themselves a jazz singer.” Put it back in the jewell case, and there it shall remain untill I meet someone I don’t like. I will give it to that person as a gift.

Soul Asylum’s Grave Dancer’s Union I essentially bought this album for “Runaway Train,” decided I loved it and went for some of their older stuff. As I reached back, my tastes slowly got harder until “Little to Clean” on Hang Time became my favorite song. I still listen to some of it on a semi-consistent basis, so a while ago I decided to go back to GDU for nostalgia. I still like the first three songs, but the rest are almost painful to listen to now.

Well this is going to be touggh listening to Zep II here, but …

there were many 1 hit wonders on albums trough the years. What would be the best? Maybe “Green Eyed Lady” album, awesome single though.

I give up with the “th” words.

<<< duh

Green Jelly-Cereal Killer Soundtrack. Though Three Little Pigs still kinda rocks, the rest of the album isn’t nearly as good/amusing as I remember it being. Must be getting old.