Albuquerque-Minnesota, anything to see?

I’m going on a roadtrip from Albuquerque to Minnesota next week, anything interesting along the way?

I am not set on any route, and I’d like to meander around a bit, see the sights. I’m open to any and all suggestions.


As a Weird Al fan, I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest this.

Well, if we consder that Albuquerque is not entirely out of the way vis-a-vis Gallup, and Minnesota and Chicago are at least neighbors, I’ll just point out that you can see Amarillo, Oklahoma City is mighty pretty, there’s Joplin, Missouri, and you can drive through St. Louis.

Have a nice, hip trip. :slight_smile:

Well, right there in NE NM, you’ve got the Raton-Clayton volcanic field and Capulin Volcano, which is well worth a look, although the road to the top is closed in winter.
Up the road a piece, past the marble inlaid restops of northern Texas, you’ll findHooker, Oklahoma, which has an interesting ‘welcome to town’ sign. Then up in Liberal Kansas you find a plethora of OZ artifacts, including a replica of Dorothy’s bedroom at the county museum. After that, you’ve got Dodge City, where Matt Dillon still keeps the law…
When you hit Nebraska, visit the Penis of the Plains in Lincoln, and launch a nuke at the Soviets from the SAC museum up near Omaha.
Iowa? I hate Iowa. It’s that state I have to drive through to get to Minnesota; and it’s too big, and it takes too long to get through.

I kinda live by Darwin. Yeah, I rock…

Those are great suggestions, I like the volcano, and the Museum.

I was thinking of maybe heading N to Denver, then E. Not sure with winter, though.

Not sure what you are driving. This winter, travel can be an issue and you may need to alter routes based upon last minute forecasts. I would think your least problematic route may be east to Oklahoma then up I-35 into Minnesota. Not the most scenic of routes, but with the winter we are having, it might be the best bet.

I totally thought that was a link to the world-famous Albuquerque Holiday Inn.

I ended up doing the TX,OK,KS,NE route rather than up through Denver because the intestates in CO were closed by blizzard.
Interstate 70 from CO through KS is arguably the most boring piece of interstate in the US. I suppose there are some who prefer hundreds of miles of treeless, flat and empty, but I’m not one of em. However, if the weathers allright, it will get you where you want to go.


Where the towels are oh-so fluffy.

That is awesome! I love it.

Unfortunately, I am not buying a truck in NM next week, the dealer decided to up the price by $1,000. Bastards.

Fortunately, I am buying a nicer truck in Maryland next week instead. So, anyone know any cool things to see between Baltimore and MN?
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