Albuquerque: New to town, need a good body shop

So, I’m new to Albuquerque, moved here about two weeks ago. Unfortunately, three days before I left Omaha we had a big hail storm and I have about $4k worth of damage to my car.


I’m needing to find a good body shop to fix the car. Any recommendations? I’m in Rio Rancho, but will go wherever I need to for a quality shop. My main concern is finding someone who will do a great job fixing hail damage. There are a million places in Omaha that can fix hail damage cuz we get hail all the time.

I’m assuming in ABQ not so much? Or maybe fixing hail damage is no different that fixing any other kind of dent, I don’t know.

Quanz has been recommended to me, any opinions on that?

I just want my pretty Honda to be back to being a pretty Honda. :slight_smile:

ETA: If you don’t know of a shop, maybe you could tell me what kinds of questions to ask when I call? I have the adjustor’s estimate.

Wow. I’ve never been able to answer an IMHO thread so concretely and immediately before!

I can unreservedly recommend R&C Bodyworks. I’ve had cars repaired by them, from very minor to very major work, under insurance and out of pocket, for the past twenty years, and they’ve done exceptional work every single time. They’re honest, they give good advice, they’re fairly quick, and all the work has been of exceptional quality. They even sent me to a good detailing shop to try to fix the lousy (factory) paint job on my Sentra rather than trying to talk me into an expensive repainting, which they probably could have done. The only thing they aren’t is inexpensive, but given how good they are, I think their prices are fair.

If you need more details, please feel free to PM me. And, no, I don’t have any social or financial links to the owners!

Excellent. I’ll give them a call. Thanks, InternetLegend.