Alcohol crossing the Canadian Border into U.S.

Canadian Dopers: What is the regulatory limit to bringing liquers from Vancouver to Washington (the state, not the district)? I work with someone that’s wanting to buy some for a wedding, and I’ve been looking without success.

I know going from the US to Canada you can bring 1 litre duty free if you’ve been down there for more than 24 hours (maybe 48). You can bring more, you just have to pay duty.

I’m assuming it’s the same going to the states.


McDeath is probably referring to this regulation on travelers importing alcohol to the U.S. (found here):

Since this is for a wedding, you’ll probably need more than one litre, and therefore have to pay duty; this incredibly complicated PDF breaks down the duty structure. Different types of alcohol have different duty rates, so you’ll have to consult the file to find out how much your friend will have to pay.

Also, it might be wise to check with the WA state liquor control board, to see if there are state regulations you might run afoul of.

thanks, MikeS. Turns out that it’s too expensive.