Alcohol EATS Listerine's Plastic

How can Alcohol be in listerine? I thought alcohol had to be in a glass bottle or it eats through the plastic. Listerine is in a Plastic container.

What makes you think alcohol eats plastic? Rubbing alcohol and cheap vodka are often stored in plastic containers…

Most plastics are pretty resistant to alcohol.

Don’t try storing butyrate dope in styrofoam, though.

And, of course, “alcohol” isn’t the name of a chemical in the first place, but the name of an entire family of chemicals of the type C[sub]n[/sub]H[sub]2n+1[/sub]OH.

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Ignorant at 14, I poured some gasoline into a Styrofoam cup somewhat absent- mindedly. Sort of an analogous endless cup of coffee–if you know what I mean. Late, when Alien first came out, I laughed out loud when the incredibly dangerous “molecular acid” (haven’t found the MSDS yet) started eating through the spacecraft’s interior structure (FX looked like acetone). Plot-wise though, it made sense–the evil government/corporation not only wanted the creature, but was willing to do it on the cheap.

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