Alcohol: How many drinks to get you to your happy place?

Not asking how many to get you drunk. But how many to get you to that just right state of mind where all is right with the world.

[for the poll, a drink equals, one 12oz beer, a 5oz glass of wine, or 1.5oz of alcohol in a mixed drink or shot.]

Two’s enough these days. Unfortunately, I can’t hold my liquor like I could when I was young. Two is enough and 2.1 puts me into my sloppy, surly place.

Three or four glasses of wine are just the ticket.

2 are sufficient. 3 is pushing it.

Less than one. First sip of beer at the end of a long day and all is right with the world.

Yep. It isn’t so much the alcohol as it is the acknowledgement that the day’s work is over and it is time to relax a bit.

Zero. I can get to my happy place without it.

3 or 4 is the start of my window…then the goal is to slow down and maintain that for the rest of the time I’m awake. So if do it right, I can be in said window all day and end up drinking 12+. If I do it wrong and drink too quickly, then I just go to bed.

It’s highly variable for me. Some nights, even one is enough to get me extremely woozy, others I can pack away 7 or 8 before I really start feeling the effects. I think it’s largely a factor of my attention scope. If I’m having fun and paying attention to other things, the drinks go down without me really noticing. But if I’m bored or unhappy, I’m focusing more on the drink and it has a more noticeable effect.

For me, one is too many and a thousand never enough.


Same. Alcohol makes me feel like crap, actually.

I answered 2 largely because of alcohol volume standards. My usual preference if I’m out drinking is a pint of something like a Porter or Stout. So that’s 1.25 standard servings, but those beers are often substantially higher alcohol than mainstream beer, often 5 or 6%.

This amount helps me feel a little more relaxed. Calling it a “happy place” wouldn’t be my choice of words.

More than that just makes me feel uncomfortable.

One is usually enough, and sometimes half is sufficient.

Actually, I don’t drink very often, comes from having had a hobby incompatible with alcohol in a fairly severe manner.

I said 3 but it is between 2 and 3. The line between a happy place and an unhappy place is very, very thin.

I said 4, but it’s anywhere from 2 to 5, depending on mood, state of appetite, etc. If I want to relax NOW and do it with alcohol, I order a beer and a shot and that gets me relaxed, and the next beer or two gets me in my happy place.

On an empty stomach one will get me a nice light buzz.
If it’s with a meal or snacks probably two.

Other: Zero. Even a single sip of alcohol makes me sick, so my happiness is maximized at zero. I think it’s probably an enzyme deficiency.

Though I’ve drank to excess on occasion, I’ve never drank and felt all was right with the world - possibly because I get dizzy as quickly as I get any type of buzz.

One, maybe two. My tolerance for alcohol is very low.

What did I eat and how long ago?